Marcel Wanders


Tableau Vivant




A collection of 100 candlesticks and/or vases, 120 large plates, 60 medium plates, 120 small plates, 10 bowls, 10 vases, 10 large bowls specially made for the Prefét d’Alsace (Straatsburg,France) in commission of Droog Design.

The words Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité were the starting point of the design process. A table setting is created in which all the individual objects play a role in connection with each other.  All the plates are made out of one and the same mould. The individual variety in size, form and functionality of the plates is created during production by the amount of the porcelain.





On the bottom the plates are decorated with a subtle three-dimensional texture of textile, which makes the porcelain plates somewhat tactile and even more delicate, as if they were dressed for the occasion. The texture is achieved during the pressing process by covering the soft porcelain with a piece of tablecloth. Finally burned in the oven, the textile disappears and leaves the marks of the tablecloth. Fate, flow-logic and the memory of the porcelain define the final shape and create a series of connected individuals.

Tableau Vivant is a small environment, an experience, which is innovative and classic, festive as well as sober and silent, functional as well as exciting.



Designed 2002 for Droog Design, Special series for Prefect d'Alsace, Straatsburg, Frankrijk, Produced by Koninklijke Royal Delft.


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