Marcel Wanders

Watch the Talents escape into the world!

Watch the Talents escape into the world!

Launched in April, the ‘Talents’ are collectible gifts created by Marcel Wanders for Randstad. From ideation to reality, this is a project very close to Marcel’s heart; connecting professional talent and bringing their contributions into the light is a great collaborative endeavor both for Marcel Wanders and Randstad!

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Watch the Wallflower Bouquet Video!

Watch the Wallflower Bouquet Video!

‘Wallflower Bouquet’ is a light installation by Marcel Wanders. A palette of fifty constantly changing colors is chosen randomly from a library of images of dying flowers. ‘Wallflower Bouquet’ highlights the idea of life perpetually being built upon death. This symbolic idea of 'Vanitas' is embodied in the piece in the form of a pop aesthetic with a technological twist.

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