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War to design!

The concept of Industrial design was created at the beginning of last century. Its challenge was to create products which could be produced by machines and create welfare, equality and a political foundation for democracy.

Designers and architects created a style, which made acceptable (and even celebrated) the poor possibilities of the available machinery. Although lots of great works were never produced in numbers the new style followed the rules of the machinery for industrial production.

Still today design follows the style, which was set in the beginning of times and we do not take on the responsibility to create the most for our public.

Design is not as it seems today, just a style!!

It makes no sense if still we follow the rules of ancient machinery. We can no longer fall in total awe at a tube being bent. Today the industry is able to follow humanity and make its most exciting dreams reality.

We as designers have to represent our public and their dreams instead of the machine and the anachronistic political dogmas it represents. We have to challenge the industry so they will learn to follow instead of to lead.

It is upon humanity, which the design of the future can only be built. With love, passion and poetry we will take design to new heights.

Design is dead.............long lives design!




Black is the new white, the happy innocent Ikea family is dead....

The world is serious and we are part of it...

White is the colour of clear sculptural honest form...

Black is the colour of serious sexy seductive shadows...

Black hides shape...Secretly....

Black is diamonds best friend, deep as the ocean and flat like paper.

Black is the southern Italian family, for better...or for worse.

Black is the colour, which inevitably chooses you...





Designed 2005, produced by Cappellini.

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This make me feel sooo happy

Are you afraid of black

Sparkly like silver or shiny like gold

No such thing as over the top! 

Can you catach a rainbow

Would you care for a little fright

Believe it or not you're a light-weight

Do you agree lace is lovely? 

Paper is wood

Have you ever met Marcel