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Was your Holiday Dinner Table as Fabulous as Ours?

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More than any other place in the home, the dining table is where we connect most. And no other time of the year is quite as special as Christmas. It is a season of thankful reflection and time to recline with loved ones, share quality moments and express heartfelt emotions. With this new series, Marcel Wanders and Alessi bring a collection of sophisticated, magical dining elements made of juxtaposed materials and classical seasonal colours.

The collection includes objects made with steel, zinc alloy, stoneware and porcelain. Items found throughout the set include cake stands, candlesticks, oven dishes, napkin rings, place cards, a serving tray and a bowl with which the appetizer forks can be associated.

“A big part of Christmas is family dinner. We wanted to make the table as much a part of the season as the moments of gifting. By dressing it, and refining the experience, the table therefore becomes a gift to all,” says Marcel Wanders.

This set comes as a result of the long-standing partnership Marcel Wanders enjoys with Alessi. Both share the utmost passion for creativity and craftsmanship and find their purpose in uplifting the human spirit. The objects in this set reveal the magic of the time to which they are dedicated and create an experience with true character. Through the use of more evocative colours, such as blacks and silvers, the collaborators found ways to stylize the traditional icons of the season like an angel depicted with two highly-distinctive wings and a halo.

“More than celebrating the season, we're celebrating the opportunity to work with various materials and combine the functionality of tableware with the joy and wonder of Christmas,” adds Gabriele Chiave.


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