Marcel Wanders


The Ornamental Universe Wallpaper!

LG Hausys

For this collection, Marcel designed a series of patterns that express the vastness and all-inspiring beauty of the universe.

Original complexity is explored through overlay, rhythm, density, harmony and pattern. From the macro scale to the sub-atomic level, nature-inspired ornaments assign new meaning to systems, making them comprehensible. 

Through endless depth, layering patterns within pattern, playing with the shifting of scales and transparencies, Marcel creates multi-dimensional mesmerizing worlds.

Marcel's 'The Ornamental Universe' triggers our imaginations, and functions as windows to intricate new worlds. Available through the LG Hausys website

Experience at BIG5 2014 (link this title:
Dubai World Trade Center, 17 – 20 November 2014

Available in Dubai, Turkey, Egypt, India and Germany.

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