Marcel Wanders


Personal Editions exhibition at the Design Museum Gent (in collaboration with Boijmans van Beuningen)

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For the first time ever, the inspirational design practices from the Netherlands and Belgium are compared and contrasted on the grandest scale. About 500 design objects, ranging from intricately engraved silver, glassware and ceramics to contemporary furniture, fashion and graphic design, are exhibited in chronological order and in parallel. From Empire by way of the Neo-Renaissance to Art Deco and more recent developments like eco-design and social design, the exhibition reveals striking similarities and surprising differences between the two culturally-rich countries. 

Among the many unique works of art in this exhibit are the intimate hand-made, hand-painted pieces selected from Marcel Wanders Personal Editions. In an effort to add artistry and hand-making to industry and to create mass produced objects that are nonetheless unique, Marcel presents exclusive objects that reject design’s typical production methods.

From his imaginative and exclusive Personal Editions will be six pieces of Fragile Fingers on a Grand Piano, three from his One Minute Delft Blue Plate collection and one from his One Minute Delft Blue Vase collection. These poetic designs reveal Marcel's vision of humanizing design, which allow him to draw on inspiration of dynasties past. Pairing Delft Blue with forms of humanity, Marcel is able to express connection across ages, bringing them to life.

This exhibit is the culmination of the best designers and designs from both countries and spanning across two centuries. From the elegance of Belgian Art Nouveau to the more streamlined Dutch variant and from Belgium’s sophisticated craftsmanship to the Netherlands’ more conceptual design, the magnitude of creativity, heritage and national pride on display will be immeasurable and one you must not miss!



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