Marcel Wanders


Marcel Wanders took the stage as keynote speaker at Dwell on Design 2015

On Friday May 20th to an audience of 300 stellar design professionals and lovers, Marcel Wanders delivered a 30-minute speech spanning over three decades of his prolific design career. In light of this journey, a lively conversation with Dwell-Founder Lara Dean ensued. 

A champion of holistic experimentation, Marcel Wanders’ product and interior design, and art direction is based on a fundamental respect for the past and the local. Playfully marrying industrial processes with traditional handcrafting techniques, he strives for a sense of durability.

Marcel Wanders took the stage at Dwell on Design 2015 to express his chief concern with bringing the human touch back to design. As an advocate for a romantic, humanistic design on the bridge of innovation, technology and business, Marcel Wanders said: “Industry has done great things, but it also has taken away the uniqueness of the object. A design is only interesting if it reaches out to our brains and hearts. Only then, the value of what we do as designers exists.”



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