Marcel Wanders


Marcel Wanders creates Leerdam Crystal Vase!

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Marcel's 'Orange Vase Royal Copper' (Oranjevaasje Koninklijk Koper) is the latest addition to the royal celebrations tradition by the Royal Leerdam Crystal (RLC) and the National Glass Museum in Leerdam.

Created to celebrate the twelve and a half year Royal Wedding Anniversary of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima, Marcel's 'Orange Vase' re-invents the conventional orange segment-shaped vase.

Marcel's design moulds a twelve and a half rib upper body symbolizing the date, and is elegantly elevated through a chalice transparent footer. 

The fluid beauty of its body also recalls the blowing process and expresses Marcel's interest in the material's underlying qualities. 

Artistic craftsmanship, form experimentation and a festive flair distinguish Marcel's addition to the Royal Leerdam Orange Crystal Vase's celebratory tradition. Available through the Royal Leerdam webshop.



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