Marcel Wanders


Hero Pin

31_NEWS_Hero Pin small.jpgAround twenty years ago I made a small jewel for my then girlfriend and big love. She was very ill at the time and it was not always clear if we could become old together or not. She was, in ways more than myself, the hero of us two and one day I wanted to tell her this. Or more so, let her feel this and show it to her. I made a beautiful small pin with nothing more than four letters: hero. She was, and still is to this day, a hero to me.

For a long time I dreamed of sharing this pin with a lot of people. Co-operating with a Dutch magazine called Libelle, I did include the pin in their magazine and was able to reach 500.000 readers and so another 500.000 heroes. The Hero Pin (translated as Held in Dutch) was meant to inspire people exploring what their most important values are. To be able to find these, recognize them in others and let them know by rewarding them with this hero pin. A small jewel that makes people look for the qualities they value most in people.



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