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Welcome to Salon @Marcel Wanders, an event and workshop space located in the beating heart of Amsterdam‘s creative Jordaan district. As the name suggests, Salon @ Marcel Wanders is an inspired space where people come together to learn, share ideas, and get creative. Website _Icon _Brochure _2015
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The Westerhuis building, in which Salon is located, is a former school which is now devoted to Amsterdam’s creative industry, growing into a cultural platform in its own right. The majority of the spaces have been leased to a mixture of art- and design-studios, architects and art-galleries, amongst others. In addition, the ground floor houses the flagship Moooi Showroom & Brandstore. The building is also home to the studio of the international designer Marcel Wanders where daily 50 designers come together for their passion; design.

Salon @Marcel Wanders is located on the 4th floor of the Westerhuis building, which has bird’s eye views over the historical Westerkerk church and the Jordaan, and it’s in this environment that ideas develop, businesses grow and relationships evolve. It offers three flexible rooms in the house style and signature of Marcel himself: One Minute RoomVIP RoomDIVA Room.

The rooms can be rented separately or as one large space of 200 m2, suitable for large groups. Ideal for offsite business meetings, team workshops and brainstorms – in short, for anyone seeking a special space that gives your event an unexpected, sophisticated and memorable edge. All rooms are light, clean and luxuriously decorated with panoramic windows so you can also admire great views over Amsterdam’s city centre.



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