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Boutique Delft Blue Jumper

Whoever said that a sofa cannot fit like a glove? Or that Delft Blue has to necessarily be cold and frail? Marcel Wanders’ Delft Blue Jumper sofa and cushion covers are born to challenge existing assumptions and materials with an unexpected twist.

The Boutique sofa collection adds a cable knit ‘jumper’ to its fashionable wardrobe, bringing sensations of coziness and warmth to the existing assortment. The new elegant pillow covers accessorize it with a touch of classical Delft Blue style. Embracing a Delft Blue pillow has never been as comforting and puffy.



Relaxing on your sofa will feel like wearing your favourite soft woollen jumper... the perfect beginning and end to the excitements and fatigues of a long day!

Delft Grey Jumper - In every respectable wardrobe you will sometimes find a variation of a beloved design in a different colour to match the mood of the day. This rule applies also to the Boutique sofa cover and pillows. A Delft Blue motif doesn’t necessarily have to be blue and white all the time… so why not dress the sofa in a Delft Grey Jumper for a change?

Designed 2012, produced by Moooi.



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