Marcel Wanders


Can Of Gold

In 2001 the gallery owner of galeriexprssns, a small gallery for young artists in Hamburg, asked Marcel to design an object especially for the one-year anniversary of her gallery. Marcel asked the gallery owner to buy 100 tins of soup, (she bought chicken soup), heat and hand out the soup herself to the homeless people in her community. After doing so the empty soup cans were cleaned and then guilded (24 carat gold); at the end a small label was glued on so they would become identifiable as little golden vases - emptied wrinkled, but beautiful and shiny objects for those willing to see.



All profit of the project (80% of the total turnover) went to homeless people in her community (Hamburg). This beautiful little project meant a lot to the people involved: it connected them and in doing so created benefit for the local homeless. 

With this project Marcel hopes to be of value for people without the blessing of a house by making other people in the international design field enthusiastic for proceeding the 'can of gold' project. They could contribute to the lives of homeless people by starting new editions in their own city. Every edition has its own special label, typical shape, and becomes part of a growing series of precious containers, a collector's item. 

Designed 2001, produced by Marcel Wanders Personal Editions.


Personal Editions


What is your favourite book

Do you recognise this face

Paper is wood

Do you remember antiques

Would you like to take a seat

Sparkly like silver or shiny like gold

Do you like your gold shiny? 

Believe it or not you're a light-weight

No such thing as over the top! 

Would you care for a little fright