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The 'Rijks, Masters of the Golden Age' world tour continues in Berlin

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With great momentum building during its world tour, 'Rijks, Masters of the Golden Age' is now heading to Berlin. Previously shown in Frankfurt, Dubai, Amsterdam, Milan and New York, this groundbreaking volume that shares over 60 of the greatest masterpieces of Dutch painting has earned praise for its surprising detail and exquisite printing techniques. The book will make its way to Berlin, where it will be presented at the Dutch Embassy, in collaboration with German publisher Walther König on June 14th 6.30-9pm at Klosterstraße 50. At this exclusive event, those interested in Dutch art and who appreciate books will have the opportunity to experience the ageless master paintings and contemporary expert perspectives set in different styles of calligraphy up close. Rijksmuseum lecturer Marko Kassenaar will deliver a talk on the book’s many secrets on this occasion.

Moving forward,with more urban capitals to follow, Marcel Wanders will continue to share this project born from a profound appreciation for this outstanding cultural heritage and its timeless significance with the world. “It is an honour to share with the world the finest printing techniques and insightful perspectives from some of the renowned critical thinkers of our time.”, Marcel Wanders says.

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Rijks, Masters of the Golden Age, a Marcel Wanders publication, 2016 

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