Marcel Wanders


The Kameha Grand Zurich experience!

the Kameha Grand Zurich

Due to open in 2015, the Kameha Grand Zurich carries Marcel's stylistic signature. Majestic, festive and unpredictable decors act as backdrop for a series of Swiss-inspired elements, such as chocolate-patterned wall panelling, mini-bars modeled after a safe, lamps that resemble oversized cow bells, Toblerone shaped sofas, among others.

Throughout the 224 guest rooms, 2 executive suites, 6 state-of-the-art business suites, conference and event spaces, an Italian and a Japanese gourmet restaurants, a bar, a smoker's and shisha lounge, a spa and 11 themed suites Marcel created a series of bespoke interiors.

Each space is carefully orchestrated featuring warming woods, a mix of custom-made furniture, tactile upholstery, iconic lamps and stylish sofas. The passion for detail plays an important role in the overall concept. As Marcel says about the project: "Others deliver an interior design, but we offer a reason for a visit, we create a destination."



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