Marcel Wanders


State-of-the-art clock for Christofle!

State-of-the-art clock for Christofle!

Christofle clock

Marcel Wanders creates a state-of-the-art clock for Christofle. Joining meticulous design and fine mechanical skills, this item sets a new standard in the manufacture of luxury mechanical clocks.

Oversized proportions, complex etching work and noble materials set the pace. Available in an exclusive edition of 12, the owner can customize the three internal clocks to time different cities across the globe; anywhere from Tokyo to Paris to Miami.

Preciousness, sensuality and poetry distinguish the silversmith's work. As part of the Jardin d’Eden silverware collection, the nature-inspired silver etchings are lovingly executed. This clock carries the family's iconic pattern signature; interlaced leaves, curled lys flowers and decorative apples against a geometric matrix reminiscent of the lush garden. Marcel's sustainability strategy comes across in his high standard design; this is a timeless luxurious item to always hold on to.


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