Marcel Wanders


New AQMW Product Design


Leading Japanese cosmetics group Kosé has been collaborating with Marcel for the last 4 years on a breakout cosmetics brand called AQMW. The partnership brings Marcel's world of whimsy to art direction, brand design, packaging, product design, fragrances and retail under the prestigious Cosme Decorte label.

As part of a new campaign, Marcel designed product packaging for the gold lipstick and the latest addition to the AQMW range, a lifting serum. Combining beauty and elegance with performance and practicality, both the lipstick and its highly covetable case feature an ornate, embossed floral pattern that was specially developed for Kosé. The design vision for the new lifting serum was a sophisticated capsule with a delicate inner sanctuary protected from the elements. Products are available now across Japan and in select locations in Europe and Asia.




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