Marcel Wanders


Moooi Collection 2012

31_NEWS_Big_Ben_Painted Sketch03.jpg

Welcome to the new collection of Marcel Wanders for Moooi unveiled at the 2012 Salone del Mobile.


"With time constantly ticking away in our pockets, on our wrists and computer screens the use of wall clocks has almost been forgotten. We still admire works of art and architecture like the Big Ben that help us tune into London’s time and space, but our personal daily time, the seconds and minutes we spend working and socializing, have become as small as our pockets and as abstract as our computer screens. Big Ben by Marcel Wanders helps us regain consciousness of time’s weight. So why not give it an important position in our living space? Why not go for a giant, decorative, iconic wall clock to give time our own, personal dimension?"

31_NEWS_Big Ben 01 copy.jpg


“A magic mirror and the power of crystals transform a simple shell into an endless light bouquet of flowers”, Marcel Wanders Valentine’s shiny, refined black, white, gold & chrome shell encloses and frames a meadow of light and sparkling glamour. With the style of a precious jewel, valentine is designed to guard his heart of crystallized flowers, frosted in time. A treasure as perfect and untouchable as lovers‘ memories. As light and revealing as a first date. As exciting as the initial glimpse of a carefully wrapped gift.”


31_NEWS_Valentine_low res.jpg





"A fancy new addition to the container table series, the new antiques tables brings a touch of vintage charm to its growing family. For the first time in the container tables’ history antique patterns emerge to unite with new designs in a fresh embrace. The contemporary, minimalistic table tops meet the rounded, ornamental shapes of its feet creating the perfect fusion between the past and the present, the decorative and the functional. The container table new antiques are available in many different combinations of shapes, sizes and materials."

31_NEWS_Container New Antiques01.jpg




"In every respectable wardrobe you will sometimes find a variation of a beloved design in a different colour to match the mood of the day. This rule applies also to the boutique sofa cover and pillows. A delft blue motif doesn’t necessarily have to be blue and white all the time… so why not dress the sofa in a delft grey jumper for a change?"


31_NEWS_Boutique01 ORANGE.jpg31_NEWS_Boutique01 GREY 02.jpg31_NEWS_MOOOI_jumper_final_jht.jpg



"A Soft, Puffy And Stylish Chair. The Monster Is A Symbol Of The Eternal Battle Between Opposite Forces That Take Place In Life And Can Be Easily Recognized Inside Ourselves, If We Have The Courage To Open Our Eyes. Scary? Not At All! You Forget All About The Monster Once You Sit Down And Enjoy The Chair’s Comfort And Softness." 31_NEWS_Monster Barstool by Marcel Wanders for Moooi 2012 2.jpg31_NEWS_Monster Barstool by Marcel Wanders for Moooi 


Would you care for a little fright

Do you recognise this face

Does glass always pass the light?  

Sparkly like silver or shiny like gold

Do you agree lace is lovely? 

No such thing as over the top! 

Do you remember antiques

Are you a metal head? 

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