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Meet The People: Our Creative Director Gabriele Chiave

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Design is a wonderful challenge because it is not necessarily art – it's based on rules and paths defined by the industry. Therefore, I explore these paths, but in unexpected ways. Being a generalist, my vast experience with an assortment of materials, techniques and processes permits me to find balance between industry and art and structure and experimentation. Believing that design must be comprehensive, I dig into reality to communicate feelings and emotions that create meaningful interaction between product and consumer. This is what I love about what I do.

I have lived in many cultures. Those cultures now live in me.

Growing up in Africa, South America and Europe, I was captivated by societal differences and unique habits and traditions – the intercultural new elements I bring to what I create. I know also that my Italian industrial upbringing guides me to intermingle form and function. Those early experiences shape who I am today – art aficionado, jazz lover, observer of everything. I am greatly inspired by art, photography and fashion but what energizes me most is culture and the people who surround me.

I don't see a studio, I see a creative reality.

As Creative Director, I am responsible for all creative processes, but my purpose goes much deeper. I am called to lead toward a common vision that Marcel and the studio has traced through all these years. To do this, I orchestrate multi-disciplinary collisions of ideation between everyone able to add quality to the creative process. I envision a creative hub where our our eclectic team is free to make beauty and dynamic complexity accessible and expand the human experience. I press on to create a place where we are persistently beckoned to reach higher – be it in our work, our lives, our dreams.

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At the zenith of his career and practice, Marcel Wanders has coined an ever-expanding creative hub, where at hands of 50 talented people outstanding design is produced.

Marcel Wanders holistic design approach and versatile mind-set is deeply embedded in the philosophy of his studio; “we perceive, breathe and live creativity across a multitude of projects; from creating in-flight tableware to cosmetics' packaging and hospitality interiors”.

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