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20 March, 2015

Dutch Designer Marcel Wanders will reveal in person his visionary collectible design pieces for Baccarat, Christofle and Personal Editions at Design Shanghai.

Marcel Wanders proudly announces his participation in the 2015 edition of Design Shanghai with a showcase of unique collectible design pieces created for Baccarat, Christofle and Personal Editions. In addition to his first participation in Design Shanghai’s Collectible Design Hall, Marcel Wanders will also hold a solo talk as well as take part in a discussion panel at the Design Shanghai Forum.

Marcel Wanders’ iconic designs often mix innovative materials, traditional craft techniques, references to well-known historical styles and archetypes, and enable a timeless connection to the pieces. His approach to design respectfully draws from the past while connecting to the present and creating for the future.

This is reflected in several pieces exhibited at Design Shanghai including the majestic vases for Baccarat. These pieces revisit the celebrated Médicis vase, and pay tribute to classical forms while building a bridge between past and present. The stylish New Antique vases, available in clear and dark crystal, embody Baccarat’s outstanding expertise and know-how together with Marcel Wanders’ romantic, bold and timeless design.

In the same spirit Marcel Wanders created the Jardin d’Eden collection for French silversmith house Christofle. Exclusive edition pieces include an oversized clock of 1.6 meters diameter and a spectacular 1.38 meters tall silver candelabra, with 13 light sockets. The “lush garden” pattern is applied through the stamped engraving technique onto the noblest of materials. These works reveal all the richness and refinement in Marcel Wanders' design and Christofle’s mastery.

Especially meaningful within the Chinese context are the newest Delft Blue chandeliers from his Personal Editions collection. These hand-painted pieces give an interesting contemporary insight into the history of Delft Blue, a technique that dates back to the Ming Dynasty and is freshly re-interpreted in the unique Marcel Wanders style. In his own words: "I introduced the Personal Editions collection because I wanted to challenge myself to make more personal works and experiment directly. I wanted to experience a more hands-on approach, feel the material and create imaginative collectible design pieces".

Marcel Wanders’ collectible design, replaces the coldness of industrialism with poetry, craftsmanship and fantasy and is vividly brought to life in the contemporary moment.

Quote from Marcel Wanders: "At the Design Shanghai collectible design hall we are presenting our Personal Editions collection, alongside with pieces we created for Baccarat and Christofle. Overall, these were chosen partly because of the boundless nature of Shanghai. Innovative, dynamic and yet still rooted in dynasty, Shanghai is such a wonderful place to share our culture of experimentation and creativity, something that is truly embodied in these pieces. I am very excited to come to Shanghai and connect with the audiences of Design Shanghai”. 


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Marcel Wanders _Christofle _Clock

Marcel Wanders _Personal Editions _Delft Blue Chandelier

10 February, 2015

For  Design Shanghai 2015  Marcel Wanders presents a collectible design specially created for French powerhouses Baccarat and Christofle, together with his  Personal Editions. The result of a partnership between the three brands, both existing and new designed items will be on display from March 27 through 30. 

First introduced at the  'Pinned Up. 25 Years of Design', the magnificent Baccarat vases which revisit the celebrated Médicis vase, pay a tribute to classical forms yet building a bridge between past and present. The stylish New Antique vases, available in clear and dark Crystal, embody Baccarat’s outstanding expertise and know-how together with Marcel Wanders’ romantic, bold and timeless design. 

Other timeless pieces include a brand new design of state-of-the-art Clock for Christofle, whose first edition of 12 exclusive pieces sold-out on its release date back in September 2014. It is part of 'Jardin d'Eden', an extraordinary and exclusive silverware collection representing the finest silversmith work tradition, outspoken etching techniques, noble materials and Marcel Wanders' design. 

Undoubtedly, the eye-catcher is the new Marcel Wanders carpet. Intensely colored and pattern layered, this egg-shaped carpet exhibits hidden floral faces that remind us of nature's cycle and the passage of time. 

In addition, this first participation of Marcel Wanders at Design Shanghai sees a new edition of his Delft Blue chandelier. 

This exhibition re-enforces Marcel Wanders' continuous interest in Asia, following the 2013 chair collection show at Beijing’s Capital Museum and the 2014 Personal Editions presentation at 10 Corso Como, curated by Jerome Sans during Shanghai Design.

Available through BaccaratChristofle  and  Marcel Wanders.




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