Marcel Wanders


Marcel Wanders for M&S Winter 2012




Animal Thieves Scarf


The third ‘Marcel Wanders for M&S' collection is now available to purchase in store and online. The Christmas themed collection features home wares along with men’s and women’s accessories. 

Marks & Spencer (M&S) launched the first ‘Marcel Wanders for M&S' collection Winter 2010/11. This collection was a cohesive gifting range that included men's and women's accessories, cakes and confectionary, cosmetics, home wares and an exciting Christmas product range. The collection comprised over 150 uniquely designed gifts with the special Marcel Wanders gift shop present in 60 stores nationwide in the UK. The ongoing partnership will see Marcel design unique collections twice a year for five years. The collection is available both in Marks & Spencer stores in the UK and online here.



Cheese Plate & Dome

Hear Marcel discuss the collection in this video:


Wild Fig scented candle


Venus and the Planets cufflinks


Bear with Light Up Nose




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