Marcel Wanders


From paper to reality: Watch Marcel Wanders’ animated Talents escape into the world!

Launched in April, the ‘Talents’ are collectible gifts created by Marcel Wanders for Randstad. From ideation to reality, this is a project very close to Marcel’s heart; connecting professional talent and bringing their contributions into the light is a great collaborative endeavor both for Marcel Wanders and Randstad!

Each Talent represents a different function, industry or profession. Discover the cook, the nurse, the teacher, the banker, the call center agent, the trucker, the IT-specialist, the mechanic, the engineer and the secretary. Additionally, five characters have also been created celebrating special occasions.

Each character has it very own personality and lively design. The 'Talents' embody an exuberant expression of the diversity and unexpected nature of the workers at Randstad. 

To find out more visit the Randstad Talents' official page.


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