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The Muse and the Pearl: Marcel Wanders for Cosme Decorte!

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With an inspiring, festive design and a precious feel, 'The Muse and The Pearl' compact powder has the shape of an oyster shell. This item is the latest addition to a line of exclusive beauty products by Marcel Wanders for Cosme Decorte. 

Oyster shells are home to desirable silky white pearls and are eternal symbols of luxury and beauty. The compact’s natural sculptural form is a small treasure to the hand and to the eye, evoking a premium and delightful experience.

The powder is impressed with an image from the story which inspired the product, 'The Muse and the Pearl Earring'. It describes Dutch Master painter Johannes Vermeer in his studio suddenly overcoming a creative block at the sight of his model putting on a delicate pearl earring.

The armor of an empowered muse and jewellery to behold and cherish, this compact powder elevates the world of high-end cosmetics.

Available from December 1st at selected department stores in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

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