Marcel Wanders


Christofle Illuminates its Lifestyle Offer in a New Way


The Jardin d’Eden collection by Marcel Wanders shines anew with the launch of Christofle’s first lighting collection. What began as a cutlery collection ten years ago has since evolved into a holistic family of iconic luxury products. Ranging from flatware to extraordinary collectible pieces, each distinctive item in the Jardin d’Eden series is marked by the signature floral and apple motif against a geometric matrix. The collection is now enriched with a range of sophisticated lighting pieces that represent an expansion of the French silverware house´s portfolio.

Delicate ornate suspension, table and floor lamps cast a celebratory light on a decade of outstanding Jardin d’Eden designs. Punctuated by crystal hand-cut and hand-blown crystal shades, a dazzling cluster of shiny silver arms flourish in remembrance of a tree in full bloom.

`It’s a new innovative way of looking at the collection. It’s where silversmith's know-how, contemporary design and function meet to make something truly memorable, something you can enjoy today, tomorrow and for years to come’ says Marcel Wanders.



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Do you like your gold shiny? 

Do you believe broken porcelain brings luck?  

Are you a metal head? 

This make me feel sooo happy

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Paper is wood

Can you catach a rainbow

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