Marcel Wanders


Bangles to Benches at the High Museum of Art Atlanta

Nose Giff

Nosé photo by Wouter van den Brink


Broadening visitors' perception of jewelry as wearable sculpture, Bangles to Benches. Contemporary Jewelry and Design at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta presents works by Marcel Wanders, the Campana Brothers, Ron Arad, Zaha Hadid and other renowned designers. Curated by Sarah Schleuning, the exhibition pairs groundbreaking  jewelry and design objects in the museum's collection. 

Under the spotlight until June 8th, Marcel's works Crochet Chair (prototype, 2006) and Nosé (2002) celebrate his idiosyncratic style and design signatures; a handcraft technique innovatively played through technological processes with a festive twist. In Sarah Schleuning's own words: 'Wanders’ furniture and jewelry show a range of materials, process, intent, and form, while maintaining an element of surprise in each piece. The Crochet Chair is practically weightless and offers a contemporary twist, wherein the upholstery—the traditionally decorative element — also functions as the structural element. Nosé adheres to these ideas of surprising, playful twists to traditional objects and materials'.



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