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Amsterdam Creative Capital

31_NEWS_Amsterdam_Creative_Capital_frontcover3D.jpgNovember 27th, Marcel Wanders launched his first book, Amsterdam Creative Capital, highlights of an ongoing creative history.

The book features more than 100 stories about Amsterdam Creativity and Innovation over the past 700 years. Juxtaposing the old and the new, ACC is a joyeous mixture full of contrasts and connections, celebrating legends from the past as well as todays heroes.

Painters, Writers, Choreographers, Photographers, Activists, Artists, Scientists, Inventors, Musicians, Architects, Athletes, Politicians, Film-makers, TV-Makers, Journalists, Sailors, Designers, Philosophers, Engineers and Entrepreneurs...

All have contributed to the cultural landscape of Amsterdam. A creative landscape that continues to grow and flourish.

Amsterdam Creative Capital - highlights of an ongoing creative history 320 Pages, 32 x 24 cm | Marcel Wanders publishing

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