Marcel Wanders


A family of Cyborgs for Magis!

Cyborg Chair for Magis

The concept behind Marcel's Cyborg Chair collection for Magis is to join a polycarbonate basis – in white, black or red – together with interchangeable upper back parts.

The stools in this family are made of different materials, all artisan inspired, and rest on sturdy plastic legs of industrial origin. The back can be made of wicker, plywood, solid wood, upholstered with fine fabrics or leather.

Several technical twists breathe new life into this chair, re-inventing its expressive and aesthetic qualities while proposing a new approach to the idea of artisanal work.

Presented at Salone in April 2014, the latest additions are the regal and masculine ‘Lord Cyborg’ and her partner, the elegant ‘Lady Cyborg’. "The Cyborg Chair by Marcel Wanders is exemplar in the search for new inventions while deeply re-connecting with our past", said Eugenio Perazza's, President of Magis. Available through Magis.



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