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Marcel Wanders and sbe Reveal Grand Design of Mondrian Doha

Mondrian _Doha _Content _Interior _BG_09
Mondrian Doha Atrium

A wonderful story unfolds around every turn in this contemporary classic hotel. The Mondrian Doha in Quatar is a 5-star destination designed by Marcel Wanders and operated by the global hospitality company sbe, drawing on local knowledge and exhibiting innovative materials and techniques. Each space possesses its own identity, allowing guests to form a collection of stories woven with a main theme that runs throughout. Bespoke designs and Marcel Wanders' signature style combine to create a truly holistic, sensual and memorable experience. The iconic building is designed by SWA Architecture.

Mondrian _Doha _Content _Interior _BG_08
Mondrian Doha Skybar

At Mondrian Doha Marcel Wanders' signature design language creates the most multi-layered sensory experience of any luxury hotel destination. 

“Many themes are layered in the hotel. With each individual space telling its own tale, guests have many different experiences, and therefore, weave for themselves a volume of stories to share,” says Marcel.

Bespoke designs span from the hotel's lobby and restaurants to its royal penthouses, VIP units, bridal suites and premium and standard rooms, reflecting local patterns, Arabic writing, historic souks and falcons. Giant columns with golden eggs, falcon video art, ornate stained glass and intricate mosaic tiling inspire guests with feelings of nostalgia.

Mondrian _Doha _Content _Interior _BG_02
Mondrian Doha Guest Room

Mondrian _Doha _Content _Interior _BG_10
Mondrian Doha Guest Room Bathroom

Mondrian _Doha _Content _Interior _BG_04
Mondrian Doha Lobby 

In the lobby, an oversized gold leaf bell with a crystal chandelier welcomes guests, while in the lounge, a surreal white forest is characterised by giant white Trees of Life. In the multipurpose hall, three colours adapt into intriguing atmospheres. The hotel features a world-class spa – an unparalleled journey combining health, beauty and wellbeing.

Mondrian _Doha _Content _Interior _BG_05Mondrian Doha Local Restaurant

“Conceptually, we have married local culture with a modern design aesthetic to compile tales told from legends through sophisticated verses of poetry,” adds Marcel Wanders.

Mondrian _Doha _Content _Interior _BG_03
Mondrian Doha All-Day Dinning

Mondrian _Doha _Content _Interior _BG_06
Mondrian Doha Multi-Purpose Hall

Mondrian _Doha _Content _Interior _BG_01
Mondrian Doha Beer Burger Bar

Mondrian _Doha _Content _Interior _BG_07
Mondrian Doha Night Club

Mondrian _Doha _Content _Interior _BG_11
Mondrian Doha Elevators

Mondrian _Doha _Content _Interior _BG_12
Mondrian Doha Guest Room

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