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Mandarina Duck


The remaining question will always be; “How seize the willy of a 7 meters tall yellow Gulliver?”

Mandarina Duck is an Italian brand mainly for luggage. With this UK concept store Mandarina Duck wanted to introduce their fashion lines. We called the store the house of the traveller, the house of Gulliver; probably the most legendary British traveller. Gulliver with build in speaker-system and his fully bright yellow posture stands tall (7 meters) in the store and connects with his presence the two floors of the building. Around him clothing and bags are presented on glass tables and shelves and on 40 subtle breathing mannequins.

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With this subtle movement they present the Mandarina Duck clothing and bags in a lively and beautiful way. Like the whole store they communicate that the brand and the building is alive. The same counts for large two-floor high chromed mirroring wall which is also breathing and changing its surface from convex to concave in a constant fluid rhythm. The stores’ front window will present the Wanders one word-weekly-magazine. Outside there is a constant stream of air-bubbles floating around the building and small foam heap visualising the living identity of the brand, the building and the city of London.

Located in London, UK, Mandarina Duck was completed in 2008.

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