Marcel Wanders




I dream of creating a functional living environment which enriches human life and supports and inspires personal as well as world ecology. I dream of creating a soft, human building, supporting the individuality and health of people and making space for their dreams, passions and personal growth. I dream of creating an innovative eco-logical building combining nature and technology, to inspire architecture as well as the general public. I dream of creating bio-climatic urban architecture which respects its user’s well being and enables them to experience and optimally use the possibilities of the great Mexican climate. I dream of creating a building which communicates growth, softness, strength and the love and passion I put into it.


I dream of creating a transparent building which is extravagant, modern, unique, cost effective and in harmony with its surround¬ings. I dream of creating an open fortress which makes the inhabitants feel safe and protected and is a welcome new living garden for the city of flowers. I dream of creating green clouds.

JVC was designed in 2003.



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