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Iberostar Grand Portals Nous

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The design of the IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel in Portals Nous, Mallorca, Spain, creates a sense of place like no where else. From its architecture to its colors to the spatial relationship between design pieces, the interior of this indulgent hotel is inspired by its remarkable setting. To reinforce the Mallorquin style, the emphasis throughout is on craft and tactile design. Through shapes and patterns, a consciousness of humanity and an environment of tranquility is forged. To establish a seamless experience, whether inside or out, or from one area of the hotel to the next, transparencies, extensive whites and reflective surfaces create a flow of openness. Here, guests absorb the truest embrace of nature and find their perfect place among it. In a place full of beauty such as this there is liberation found within a delightfully pampered experience.

Beginning in the lobby, people are not only welcomed, but inspired to delight in what makes Spain so captivating. With this first impression comes the recurrent theme of life, a boundless and eternal luxury that is found throughout the hotel's 66 rooms, its four penthouse suites and five themed suites. A bouquet motif begins here and is discovered within the iron work, lamps and reception desk furniture. It is informal, inviting and uplifting. This space features a Tree of Life, setting the tone for everything a guest will experience while here. For example, in the suites, the open layout concept continues as bedrooms connect with bathrooms through a vanity element featuring a light box in the shape of an eye. Walls made of plaster tiles are completely monochromatic white and feature elements from the flower bouquet. Yellow curtains match the tone of the Mallorquin sun, bringing it into the room. Every portion of every room gifts guests with serenity. Themed suites are also available – giving guests recurrent surprises and delights. In the Naughty suite, guests are introduced to seductive materials and textures. The Stargazer suite, set in a prime location, offers an interrupted view of the sky and a telescope to gaze at the stars. The Game suite presents an assortment of toys and activities that entertain and engage.

Away from their rooms, guests will discover intrigue and rest. Outside, the hotel features manicured outdoor gardens accentuated by potted topiaries with buxus and a pool with a 30+ meter cascade and bar. In a secret garden, there are clandestine seating areas, a daybed and a Tree of Life made with plants. Harmony is extended to the spa that features a gym, steam room, sauna and treatment rooms that offer the ultimate in body and spirit rejuvenation. Beautiful Bisazza flooring is the foundation for this alluring space. The restaurant on the terrace, with its breathtaking views of the bay, encapsulates the open design with vaulted ceilings, plaster arches and clear divisions, making it seem as though there are none at all. The hotel has been designed in such a way that all five senses are accommodated, where even the human spirit is catered to. Making it not just a place that people stay, but rather, a place that stays with them.

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Bay Portals _Lobby _Suite _hiress

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