Marcel Wanders


Heart of Europe

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“For Amsterdam, you still have to come to Amsterdam.”


On the coast of Dubai, in the bright blue waters, there was a plan. Islands, shaping the world map, country by country was created from soil. Visionary, silly, fabulous, magic, daring… we were asked to create the Netherlands. An art centre for artists in residence, exhibition hall and galleries and an outdoor theatre on the top of it all. An elliptical 5 star hotel with centre garden and rooftop swimming pool and access to the red light discotheque. Windmills with apartments on a put and play green, overlooking the 3 towers with hovering helium filled moons.

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Shopping all around, super cool beach clubs and marinas, floating private party islands, floating pools and floating solar-islands. And so many more ideas, down the drain, into the ocean. This won’t be build, they didn’t plan to make coffee shops and red light windows. For Amsterdam, you still have to come to Amsterdam.

Heart of Europe was designed in 2009.

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