Marcel Wanders


Expo 2000



The Royal Wing Room


The heart of the little green island floating on top of the remarkable Dutch Pavilion at Expo 2000, Hanover.

Designed by Marcel, the elliptical room makes you feel like you’re stepping into a different world. The first thing you see when entering the Royal Room is the big, oval, white floor with curled up borders, like an empty ice rink waiting for its’ skaters.

The shiny snow-white floor reflects the highlights of thousands of silvery twigs, spread across the curved ceiling.

Although there are no windows it would appear, through an intelligent lighting-system, that the sun sometimes sends her rays gleaming into the room, followed by the shadows of invisible clouds. During this light experience the air is filled with the crystalline sound of clinking wineglasses, which are hard to recognize having been mounted between the silvery twigs on the sparkling ceiling. Even the specially woven tablecloth seems to mirror the glittery objects above.

The inhabitants of the Royal Wing Room are the V.I.P. chairs. All forty-four unique chairs skate across the icy floor with their V.I.P.’s, enjoying their diner-dansant.





The Tablecloth, designed by Marcel, is part of the interior of the Royal Wing Room. The pattern on the tablecloth was inspired by the reflection of the thousands of silver twigs that glisten on visitors from the chrome ceiling. The Pattern on the Expo Tablecloth is also be used on a so called ‘Dwarsloper’, a mini placemat for two people or a strip table cloth for and intimate breakfast. 


VIP chair

The VIP-chair was especially designed for the World Expo2000, Hanover. The 44 individual, colourful family members were the inhabitants of the spectacular silvery Dutch VIP-room on top of the Dutch Pavilion.

The VIP-chair is completely upholstered with a felt-like textile, except the legs, which are hanging loose, like the legs of trousers. Thanks to the 4 hidden wheels, the moving chairs look like they are floating above the ground.


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