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Eden by Marcel Wanders is the perfect getaway – a luxurious prefabricated house designed as a peaceful sanctuary. It is a home away from home to reconnect with others and create treasured memories. At this year’s Design Miami/, held from December 2-6, Marcel Wanders will make an appearance and take the time to speak about this magnificent project. On December 3rd from 5:00 to 6:00 PM, he will present the ideas, design concepts and challenges behind Eden and how it changes the way we think about prefabricated home design. Eden is one project in a larger collection of Revolution Precrafted Properties, which is set to launch on December 1st at Design Miami/ in the Collectors Lounge. 

Demonstrating the design philosophy of Marcel Wanders to give more instead of less, Eden diverts away from the notion that prefabricated houses should merely be practical and inexpensive. Incorporating the finest of local craftsmanship, the furnishings use authentic and refined materials such as wood and stone, as well as bamboo from the region. The living space appears limitless through the extensive use of glass, a boundary of plants rather than a typical gate, and a roof that extends over the exterior to connect the outside and inside so as to create twice the living area. Signature Marcel Wanders design defines this unique prefabricated house experience. A row of columns clad in synthetic textile casts a shadow during the day and lights up dramatically at night. Three distinct styles, Natural, Eclectic and Cosmopolitan, determine the variations in finishes, colours and interior items, including the type of graphic or carved patterns on the built-in wall. Finally, a host of included and optional features allow for further lavish customisations to make a home that is truly yours. 

“I am not an architect, so the ability to transform a house into a home is an extraordinary opportunity. I wanted to make sure we design a house like no architect could have built. A house that is built from the inside out, built with the person in mind. Built so that its’ technology truly serves us. Built on human experience, built to support families, their needs and their individual passions and dreams”, Marcel Wanders says about the project.

Eden by Marcel Wanders is a prefabricated house that defies and surpasses expectations to realize a vision of expressive and elegant interior design. 

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