Marcel Wanders

Art Direction

Moooi Showroom & Brand Store Amsterdam

Moooi -Showroom -and -Brandstore -Amsterdam -2014-photography -by -Nicole -Marnati _6056-300dpi -moooi [1]

Opened in 2008 and with its 700m2  Moooi Amsterdam Showroom & Brand Store stands out as a glorious space in the colorful district "De Jordaan", known for its tiny picturesque boutiques, stores, restaurants and art galleries. Opening the door of Moooi Amsterdam is like stepping into the centre of Moooi's heart and into a world containing extraordinary, playful realities in different scales and compositions. The perfect location to house not only a great part of the collection, but also Moooi's feeling, history, creativity, style and vision of the future. Moooi Amsterdam Showroom & Brand Store is the perfect setting to house Moooi's collection and deliver an authentic & lively brand experience. A meeting point full of ideas and inspiration for press, architects, designers, design lovers and Moooi's friends & fans. Welcome into the world of Moooi!

Moooi -Showroom -and -Brandstore -Amsterdam -2014-photography -by -Nicole -Marnati _6096-300dpi -moooi [1]

Moooi -Showroom -and -Brandstore -Amsterdam -2014-photography -by -Nicole -Marnati _6145-300dpi -moooi [1]

Moooi -Showroom -and -Brandstore -Amsterdam -2014-photography -by -Nicole -Marnati _6170-300dpi -moooi [1]

Photocredit: Nicole Marnati.


Moooi Amsterdam Showroom & Brand Store is located: 

Westerstraat 187
1015 MA
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Open to the general public:
Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00am - 18.00pm

Design lovers are welcome to get inspired!


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