Marcel Wanders

Art Direction

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Under the clouds of a Dutch rainy day, I walked through an autumn forest, whistling a song in remembrance of summer. I was bored with the absence of color. A grey foggy day can be a curtain blinding our hungry eyes. 

Excited, knowing all the beauty and richness of the invisible colors behind the mist. I could sense the autumn colors and in my imagination they were whispering my name

“...Marcel...Marcel...Marcel Wanders...!”

With a sharp long vigilant sword I sliced through the mist. Thousands of long misty ribbons were opening up and a wonderful palette of autumn beauty unfolded and revealed itself through the void. 

In the depth of this visual stereo spectacle I discover new joy, a new world, a world of complexity. The joining of two parallel universes.

Art Works, 2011, for Join by Anker Carpets.





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